Homegrown Festival takes over Third Street

You couldn't ask for better weather for this year's Homegrown Festival.

Organizers sent us these photos Friday morning, as things were just getting going.

The festival on Third Street runs until 7:00 p.m. on Friday and from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday.

Semipro football coming to Tenino Saturday

The high school football season is still a few months away, but there will plenty of action on the field at Tenino High School this Saturday.

The Washington Cavaliers will meet the Tacoma Invaders at 6 p.m. for a semipro football donnybrook.

The Cavaliers' 36-man roster is made up of many former high school player from Thurston County. It's their last home game of the season.

Food will be sold at the game and proceeds go to support the Tenino High School band.


Saturday afternoon at Summerfest

Saturday afternoon at Summerfest

Summerfest is pulling in the crowds again, and today was the perfect day to be out there!

KOMO’s Kevin Cotlove was at Summerfest today, and sends in these photos from the big event.

Remember, the fun continues Sunday from 11-5, so head on out and check it out (or if you’ve already been there, drop on by again!).

The Fast and the Furriest 2

Behold Lucy, one of the hundreds of dogs who raced Sunday's Furry 5k.

Lucy had an edge over fellow pooch participants-- she was dressed for the rainy weather.

But check out that undercarriage. Low-riding dogs do pick up some dirt!

Race results are now posted. Thanks to Mike and Sarita for sharing their photos. If you've got a picture you'd like to share, send it and we'll post it by the end of the week.

Gig Harbor gardeners show off private gardens this weekend

I love this time of year, despite our unseasonably chilly spring, the garden is coming alive.  I love walking around my yard, in my robe and slippers, coffee in hand each morning.  My neighbors probably think I'm a bit loony, but I do go outside nearly every morning.  Some times I even am compelled to grab the pruners and cut back blooms, pull a few weeds, deadhead.  Ohhhh I love the smell of slug bait in the morning!

Yes I love to garden, and if you are a gardener you know what I am talking about.  It is so satisfying to watch your garden come alive in the spring.  Sweet peas starting to bloom this week, strawberries are ready, roses are peaking and slugs are having a party with all the rain!  This is what gardening in the Pacific Northwest is! 

Gardeners love to share - gathering ideas from each other, sharing plant cuttings or bouquets or all that extra zucchini!  Gardening is a labor of love that is meant to be shared.  This weekend at the Gig Harbor Garden Tour, seven local gardeners do the ultimate sharing by opening up their home gardens to over 1000 strangers.


My home was featured on

The Fast and the Furriest 2

Behold Lucy, who participated in the Furry 5k Sunday.

Lucy had an advantage over competing pups-- she was dressed for the weather. But check out the undercarriage. Low-riding dogs do pick up a bit of dirt!

Thanks to Mike and Sarita for sending in the photo. You can see results of the race here.